Oscilator is mainly publishing works of producers and dj`s from Sarajevo and works of producers whose music we like and play a lot in our radio show. We have published our first release in October of 2003 and you are more than then welcome to download our releases for free from this page or from archive.org. Our releases are licensed under a Creative Commons License. Some releases, mostly mixes, are not available anymore.

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Relaseses 2007


Artist(s): Kolomastodont
Release: Omnimode Determinatus
Runing Time: 24:30
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electro, Techno
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc56; August; 2007

Free some space on your player, we have more killer tunes to share. But this time things will get nasty. Our old mates Poligraf and Mezonom have a new joint project called Kolomastodont, and we have their debut ep:-) Four pieces full of kinky electro house basslines, tight kicks, screaming lines... and if that is not enough, Mezonoms distorted vocal will kick in on the "Brain Cell" to definitely make you freak!


Artist(s): Enggenier
Release: Traumline
Runing Time: 16:11
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Minimal, Techno
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc55; August; 2007

Minimal, clean, tight, pure danceloor material, this is what you get with the Traumline ep by young and talented Bosnian producer Emir Selimovic a.k.a Enggenier. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes dark, sound of this ep will surely make you pay attention... This is one of the best debut releases that we have had on Oscilator.


Artist(s): Iumatico
Release: Schaltereich
Runing Time: 12:37
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electro
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc54; August; 2007

It is a very hot summer in Sarajevo, but our friend Ensar Zgodic, also known as Iumatico, Greg Punkov/Pavlov, is working hard! And know you can enjoy his dark electro tracks, full of raw beats and brainwashing basslines. We have a lot of his unreleased tunes in the pipe, so you can expect to hear about his new sound adventures soon!


Artist(s): Mezonom feat. Porno de Lusia
Release: I Love Your Dick
Runing Time: 10:03
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electroclash, Disco
Download: Complete Release
FreeOsc53; June; 2007

Ok boys and girls, we are back with some nice new tunes. This time our home boy Mezonom brings to the table fat electroclash tune I Love Your Dick, featuring vocals by his close friend, mysterious upcoming porn star Porno de Lusia. Short cut but a rocking one! Another version, remix by Kondenzator, is more dj friendly cut in dirty disco style. So, grab these tracks and get nasty!


Artist(s): Kondenzator
Release: Lift Rate
Runing Time: 10:22
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electro House, Minimal
Download:Complete Release, @archive.org,
FreeOsc52; May; 2007

After some time in the pipe, and very successful testing in the clubs, Kondenzator`s new single "Lift Rate" is finally out. Original track is a minimal-electro-house killer, with resonated synths an filtered percussions. On the other side we have a quite different version, raw and dirty stomping tune, created by very talented Croatian producer Tristy Nesh... We strongly belive that one of these tracks will work for you.


Artist(s): Monsieur Jacques
Release: Hot Like Here
Runing Time: 20:20
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Music: Minimal
Download: @archive.org, Complete Release
FreeOsc51; March; 2007

Our second release for March comes from Dalio Sijah a.k.a Monsieur Jacques, DJ and producer and a member of Inconnection DJ`s crew. Two very musical and quite minimal tunes, with strong basslines and subtle beats are packed together with more dirty, but dancefloor friendly, D Liner`s remix of the "Hot Like Here". Both tracks, original and remix, are sure players! So if you are into contemporary minimal sound or just melodic electronica this stuff is for you.


Artist(s): Greg Punkov
Release: Retro Adriatico
Runing Time: 19:18
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electro, Disco
Download: @archive.org, Complete Release
FreeOsc50; March; 2007

Ok, It is time for our release number 50! Yes, big 50:-) And which release could be more suitable for this occasion than the one provided by Oscilator co-founder, and one of the authors of the first label release, Ensar Zgodic a.k.a. Greg Punkov. His very unique electro-disco style makes him instantly recognizable among many other great artists, which helped us built this label. Thank you! And thanks to all of our friends, medias and others who supported us all the way. And don`t forget to download Retro Adriatico, it will be the best 30 megabytes of bandwidth that you will spend in March!


Artist(s): Splendex
Release: Proximus Maximus
Runing Time: 12:54
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Minimal, Electro
Download: @archive.org, Complete Release
FreeOsc49; February; 2007

Our another February release is ep by Boris Boras a.k.a. Borgie, but this time under the name Splendex. He is giving us two massive minimal tracks, with some rave lines thrown in... Party on!


Artist(s): Ymo17
Release: Das Ist Walter
Runing Time: 18:55
Format: vbr mp3
Music: Electro House, Experimental
Download: @archive.org, Complete Release
FreeOsc48; February; 2007

Jusuf Listo a.k.a. Ymo17 is a Dj and producer from Sarajevo, and co-founder of Dj Association Buka. This is his debut on Oscilator and it features mostly electro-house sounds and some more experimental bits. Check it out!


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