"Dancing is political, stupid.

You think you are just having fun, but when you`re on the dancefloor, you`re rejecting values that make you wait for the bus and smile at the boss every morning. Dance in a club and you are rebelling for a while. Your escape might come in a pill, a smoke, some beers, or the music might be enough. Your escape might be from yourself. You`re dancing with hundreds, maybe thousands of people, you`re no longer just an isolated individual. A dancefloor is about collective action, making you an active participant, a vital component. You`re creating the event, not just consuming it . The spectacle doesn`t exist without you.

A good DJ has the power to suspend reality. Dance to his music and you forget your unpaid bills, your struggles for promotion. You shelve the motives that keep our good old capitalist democracies ticking over, and you replace them with a few more basic - even animal - priorities. This puts DJ in a powerful position. Politicians have always been scared by people gathering in large numbers, so you can bet they`re suspicious of the figure who controls the event. If dancing at the rave is breaking the law, then a DJ there is inciting a riot. Add illegal drugs to all of this and you`ve really started something."

From the book:
Last night a DJ saved my life
The history of the disc jockey
by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton
Headline Book Publishing

Oscilator is a label and a radio show founded by Ensar Zgodić a.k.a. Greg Punkov and Andrej Imamović a.k.a D Liner in October of 2003. Until now we have published over 60 releases, organized numerous parties with regional and international acts and spent hundreds of hours on air (show is now Broadcasted by national BH Radio 1). Oscilator became a platform for many producers, DJs and other artists, strengthening independent scene in our hometown Sarajevo. Music that we play/produce could be described as various forms of techno, house, disco, ambient and experimental music... But basically we are playing/releasing anything that we like. Our contributors are mostly from Sarajevo + some friends from around the globe.


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Editors: Andrej Imamović, Ensar zgodić
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